Facts about lipelip

In 2000 I made a bet with my best men to spend the new year of 2015 on a boat

Front end web visual demon

Philippe’s main interest is to evolve inside a small group of motivated people where he can explore solutions and take decisions. For the moment this takes place inside the DWM group at ESIAJ school where he teaches HTML & CSS to young and brilliant students.

When he’s not teaching, he uses his passion for digital design and new technologies to help you in crafting tailor made easy to use websites.

He’s also one of the creator of the freelance group centvingtcinq.


available for the moment

Ricotta & Parmesan

is an Italian restaurant specialized in pasta and antipasti since 1999, here’s one of my favorite dish: the Beef Carpaccio and Parmesan cheese topped with rocket dressed with white truffle oil.

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Procrastination is a bitch so you’ll only get my latest project, for more check centvingtcinq.com


made in 2014